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Rainbow Cottage is unlike any other childcare facility I have ever come across, and exceeds all expectations. They go over and above in every way imaginable. I love their dedication to the children, their vision for the centre and their vast knowledge of all things child-related.

Rainbow Cottage is a family focused centre. We aim to provide experiences and activities to foster children's curiosity and help them to problem solve.

Our small owner operated centre gives children the opportunity to become part of a larger group, within a safe, secure environment. We particularly value relationships with families and hope to encourage children to engage in good relationships with those around them.

Our daily activities stem from the children's interests. They have an input into what we do at the centre each day and we encourage them to help with the set up of activities to foster independence and taking responsibility for their own learning.

Risk taking is encouraged at the centre. By allowing children to take risks, we believe they can begin the process of setting their own boundaries. Risk taking in the form of climbing, jumping and riding bikes at speed down our ramp all give children the opportunity to see what their minds and bodies are capable of.

We encourage the mixing of age groups and also have indoor and outdoor areas specifically for our children under 2 years of age.

Children's sense of belonging is highly regarded at the centre. We aim to provide a safe, positive, loving, secure environment, where children know they have a place.

At Rainbow Cottage we strongly believe that caring for pets encourages empathy, understanding and compassion. We foster this belief through having animals available to children and allowing them to be a part of the care routines.

Positive child guidance strategies allow children to make good choices. We implement the incredible years teaching programme and support families to use similar strategies at home. The Incredible Years Programme nurtures children's social, emotional and academic confidence.

We pride ourselves on being a consistent, collaborative and approachable teaching team. We like to live up to our reputation of being "The Happy Place" in Whangamata.

Routines are mixed with free play and flexible transitions to give children a sense of independence along with the security of having a routine.

Cuddles and laughter are an important part of our day and we acknowledge every child has a right to these basic needs on a daily basis.

We acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi and incorporate Te Reo Maori into our day, including a Karakia at lunchtime before we eat.

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104 Mark Street, Whangamata
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